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American Farrier's Association
 AFA Member # 7332

Farrier Art   by Chris Minick

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Case Studies

Abscess Protected by Bar Shoe

Behavior Patten Shoe - Bowed Tendon

Bowed Tendons, Contracted Heels, Dropped Sole, Pads
   and Two-Part Silicone Putt & Stainless Steel Clamp

Clamp Shoe to Keep It On

Club Feet on Miniature Pony 2 Videos

Club Foot Causing Pedal Osteitis - Commander

Draft Horse Shod Better

First Shoes

Founder Dissection

Hoof Canker/Cancer - Early Stage

Hoof Canker/Cancer - Later Stage

Hospital Plate Over Founder

Laminitis - Acute

Laminitis Signs

15 Lateral Balance - Hind Base Narrow
  16 Lateral Support - Front Pigeon-Toed

17 Normal First Shoeing On Four Year Old

18 Plastic Front Shoes For 100 Mile Endurance Ride

19 Ring Bone Shoe

Road Founder Caused by Bad Trimming & Shoeing

Rocker Toe Shoes, Frog Support Pads, 2-Part Silicone Putty

Short Shoe Damage Causing Bruising

Sole Pressure

Thrush - Bloody Open Wound

Thrush Showing Signs of Interbulbular Dermatis Tab

Thrush Video - Trimming for Thrush on Cowboy

Thrush Cured with  Frog Support Pads, Copper Sulfate,
     and Two-Part Silicone Putty (Cowboy)

Thrush Cured (11 year infestation) with  Frog Support Pads,
  Copper Sulfate, and Two-Part Silicone Putty (Spyderman)

Solution With Copper Sulfate and Two Part Silicone Putty



Dear Audience,

I apologize in advance to any equine professional who might recognize his or her work in the case studies published on this Web site and be offended by my commentary.  Before and after pictures are taken purely as a means to establish a place where someone else's work ended and my work began and how it progressed through the term of each case study.

No names of the subject horses or of equine professionals are used in this Web site unless I was praising their work.  However, I am opening my own work up to public scrutiny.  Hopefully, everyone who visits this Web site will appreciate it for what it is--some of the experiences of one farrier who wishes to share his work with his peers and clients and learn from his mistakes and successes.

Chris Minick, AFA Certified Farrier